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Ben Joyce

Working at Heights Efficiently

By Ben Joyce • November 8, 2018

Working at heights is an inherently difficult type of work. Working efficiently at heights is crucial to preventing injury, creating a safe work environment for all workers involved and allowing practices to go ahead efficiently and uninhibited by accidents or dangerous circumstances.

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At Monitor Lifts, we pride ourselves on our care, training and support. We offer this locally and at remote locations. We are happy to travel to you. We have said before that our lifts and machines are investments, and they should be treated as such, both by you but also us.

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New Melbourne Facility

By Ben Joyce • October 26, 2018

Monitor Lifts have recently opened a branch in Melbourne, located in Epping. This facility has a fully operating service workshop and houses a large range of units from Monitor’s specialised collection, including Spider Lifts, Jack Booms, Hi-Rail Boom Lifts...

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Monitor Lifts' Hoeflon Launch

By Ben Joyce • October 18, 2018

Last week at Moni-Tour '18 Monitor Lifts launched our newest product range Hoeflon Compact Spider Cranes. These machines are the ultimate answer to years of dangerous situations caused by heavy and dangerous lifting.

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This week was Monitor Lifts' annual Moni-tour event for 2018. This year it was held at our new Sydney premises in Seven Hills. It was here we officially launched the new Hoeflon compact spider cranes that are new to our specialised line-up of access and material handling equipment.

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Moni-Tour '18

By Ben Joyce • October 4, 2018

They say the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle. That's why at Monitor Lifts we put massive emphasis on providing our team and service dealers with quality factory training on a regular basis to ensure we uphold our war cry of 'Dedicated Customer Support'.

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Not only is Monitor Lifts home to the best quality and most dynamic collection of specialised lifts. We also offer financing options and assistance to make your lift purchasing process as smooth and as easy as possible.

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The Right Tool For The Right Job

By Ben Joyce • September 12, 2018

Using the right tool for the right job is a common saying and applies to several different areas including our line of work: specialised lifts. For any lifting job, there is a right tool (or machine) to do the job.

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Our Spider Lifts come under three different manufacturers: Leguan, Platform Basket and Omme. Within these three different brands, we have a an extensive number of spider lifts to choose from.

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Glass Handling the Right Way

By Ben Joyce • August 29, 2018

Our different ranges of lifts work for all different environments and materials. The Winlet range we stock is specifically designed for handling glass and other delicate materials. There are a number of different models in this range that are suited to all different levels of glass handling needs.

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