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By Ben Joyce • August 29, 2018

Glass Handling the Right Way

Our different ranges of lifts work for all different environments and materials. The Winlet range we stock is specifically designed for handling glass and other delicate materials. There are a number of different models in this range that are suited to all different levels of glass handling needs. 

Check out this Winlet 575 for example. It's sheer power and control to manage lifting up to 575kg (hence its name) and using suction cup technology to ensure no glass is dropped or broken make it one of the best glass handling machines out there. You certainly wouldn't want to carry that glass in by hand and the Winlet 575 ensure you don't even need to consider that dangerous option. 


This Winlet doesn't just lift glass, it is also able to lift a number of other heavy materials that require safe handling, including the following:

- Granite

- Concrete

- Plasterboards

- Steel Plates

- Wooden Plates

- Tiles

- Fire Doors

This design has a number of different suction cup types that can be changed to suit the needs of the job at hand. This customisable feature makes the Winlet 575 an excellent choice for handling the heavier and more delicate materials. 

This machine is just one of the many glass handling options we have at Monitor. To see more, click here.

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