Monitor Lifts
By Ben Joyce • October 18, 2018

Monitor Lifts' Hoeflon Launch

Last week at Moni-Tour '18 Monitor Lifts launched our newest product range Hoeflon Compact Spider Cranes. These machines are the ultimate answer to years of dangerous situations caused by heavy and dangerous lifting. Lifting these heavy objects puts workers at risk of injury and accidents, especially as they age.

Working conditions regulations do not even allow for this heavy lifting and yet it is still happening in those times when larger machinery just won’t cut it. Now this lifting can be done by these powerful mini cranes. Improving safety and efficiency on work sites is one of our main goals here at Monitor Lifts.

Introducing these cranes into our repertoire makes us certain that we will be able to present an even broader range of products for workers to choose from to keep them safe and keep work running efficiently.

We have four different models of cranes as well as tracked-carrier and vacuum glass suction lifter in the Hoeflon range built to suit any lifting need here at Monitor Lifts and if you think you could use one for your lifting needs, check out our Hoeflon product guide by clicking below:

Free Hoeflon Product Guide

 For now, take a look at these gorgeous machines in the images below!