Monitor Lifts
By Ben Joyce • November 1, 2018

Monitor Lifts: Providing Dedicated Customer Support

At Monitor Lifts, we pride ourselves on our care, training and support. We offer this locally and at remote locations. We are happy to travel to you. We have said before that our lifts and machines are investments, and they should be treated as such, both by you but also us. Which is why we commit so much of our time and effort to proper training and support. 

Our range of training includes:

- Operator training packages for all models in our range

- Familiarisation videos- scan your product's QR code and you're good to go!

- Comprehensive Induction Forms

Part of our work also includes Monitor Care which is our servicing for your machines. We focus on safety at Monitor Lifts. Our factory trained technicians are available in every capital of Australia and are able to travel to remote areas and overseas to help provide the excellent support and servicing required. 

Our support is 24/7 so whenever you have a problem, regardless of your location, Monitor is here to help you with your needs. If you ever need support for your Monitor equipment, please call 1800 025 024.

monitor care 1

Monitor understands that the most important part of owning any type of equipment is having access to a reliable source of parts and servicing. This is why we provide both of these and why we are set apart from the crowd. Even after 20 years, we still provide parts and services for the very first machines imported into Australia (talk about good quality machines!). Our parts  and service technicians are highly skilled and factory trained. We guarantee your parts will be supplied promptly to you.

Annually we hold a Moni-Tour event as well. These events are highly structured around training and providing as much information and guidance about our product range as possible. To learn more about last month's Moni-Tour '18 click here


Our focus at Monitor Lifts is heavily placed on safety and efficiency, not just on getting a sale. When you make a purchase with us, we are there for you with your training and servicing needs long term.  If you would like to learn more about our care services, click here.