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By Ben Joyce • September 4, 2018

Our Spider Lift Range is Beyond Extensive

Our Spider Lifts come under three different manufacturers: Leguan, Platform Basket and Omme. Within these three manufacturers, we have a an extensive number of spider lifts to choose from.

To get a deeper look at this unique type of lift, let's look at our three brands we have to offer separately:



With travel speeds up to 4.5km/h the Leguan is the fastest spider range on the market. The Leguan range can turn 360 degrees on the spot and is so lightweight and stable it can work on marble and other delicate flooring materials. It's boom design provides excellent up and over functionality, making it a versatile machine useful but indoors and outdoors (even on uneven terrain). 

The Leguan range has the best track record and is currently available in the 125 and 165 model here at Monitor. 



Platform Baskets are a compact design with maximum performance. We discovered this amazing manufacturer in Italy in 2005 and were impressed then and continue to be blown away by their impressive abilities. 

There are six different Platform Basket models stocked here at Monitor Lifts and all have different strengths and capabilities. Choosing one model comes down to the specific needs of the buyer and we are always prepared to help you choose the best spider for your needs. 







Omme Spider Lifts focus on versatility and being lightweight. Their boom design is all steel and their lightweight design does not compromise their strength and stability. Suited for indoor and outdoor use Omme use a large footprint to ensure stability and provide quality mechanism always. 

Monitor stocks a total of 7 different Omme Spider lifts, all specific to different lifting needs. Variety is key in helping our customers pick the right lift for them. 

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As you can see, our spider range is very extensive. Stay tuned for more posts on he specifics and benefits of these lifts. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to call us on 67655 6000 or check out our website to have a deeper look into our spider lifts.