Monitor Lifts
By Ben Joyce • September 20, 2018

We Offer Finance to Make Your Experience Easier

Not only is Monitor Lifts home to the best quality and most dynamic collection of specialised lifts. We also offer financing options and assistance to make your lift purchasing process as smooth and as easy as possible.  Our aim is to make your purchasing process simple which is why we offer financing and loans directly to reduce the steps it takes for you to become an owner of one of our machines. 

Troy, our finance specialist, is here to help you with any financing needs or questions you may have. Call him on 0419 420 955 to chat to him about our financing and how we can assist you in buying the right lift or handler.  Alternatively, you can apply online here.

Financing pre-approval is possible with just three easy steps to make the process as simple and time efficient as possible for you. We understand you don't have all day to figure out your financing, especially not when your lift needs are especially urgent. 


 Check out our extensive range of products on our website and let us know if there are any products you are interested in that we could help finance for you. 


Finance Solutions