Monitor Lifts
By Ben Joyce • November 8, 2018

Working at Heights Efficiently

Working at heights is an inherently difficult type of work. Working efficiently at heights is crucial to preventing injury, creating a safe work environment for all workers involved and allowing practices to go ahead efficiently and uninhibited by accidents or dangerous circumstances. 


Our different lift and crane ranges are designed to help you reach heights typically unreachable. And with this ability also comes an added guarantee of safety over completing height related tasks without one of these machines. Spider lifts are designed to lift workers up to specific heights where before scaffolding or a ladder may have been used. This introduction improves safety and efficiency when working at heights and can be a great addition to any form of height work whether it be commercial, community focused or personal. 


When working at heights, it's important from the start to focus on minimising the risk of a fall. To do this you need to assess the area and look for a way to reach heights without risk of an unsafe situation. Sometimes, with typical equipment this just is not possible. This is where our lifts come in handy over other traditional methods of reaching heights. Our lifting machines are built to withstand uneven terrain and unsturdy structures in order to lift without potential danger becoming a problem. 


 Self propelled access equipment like our lifts allow workers to get access to great heights without needing to climb. The spider design especially is great for working on natural terrain with an uneven surface but all of our lifts and cranes have a place in improving efficiency and safety when working at height. Spider lifts are sturdy and well balanced and are designed to handle slopes and changes in ground level with their 'spider' style legs that are easily adjustable.

If your work requires constant access to heights or climbing, incorporating one of our many lifts on offer could be the best thing you could do for your business or day to day activities. Consider checking us out or download our product guide here to learn more.

Remember that working at heights always comes with a level of concern and safety should always be the number one priority for all involved. While our lifts can dramatically decrease the chances of falls, injuries or inefficiency, working with caution is still advised.